Hunting for books

Published on April 17 2017

Every once in a while, I stop by the flea markets to look for books to add to my literature collection. There’s only so much space I have to store them, let alone time to read them, so I try to restrain myself. This usually works out well since I have quite peculiar tastes. I may be a bibliophile, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to fall for just any book. I also usually leave language books alone; those have been my first priority for such a long time that I have no real interest in adding any more.

So, today it was time to do it again. I always feel like I’m hunting for a treasure, because you spend your time going from one place to the other, digging through a lot of crap to find the real gold (if you’re even that lucky). I went to a couple of schools which have had some interesting books on offer in the past, but no real luck. The final stop was the main public library.

Not the place I would normally go to buy books, but the advertised “spring cleaning” was intriguing enough, and it was this day only.

The end result was a bit of light reading and a bit of heavy reading. The light reading was a book about new religious movements (or “cults” as I tend to call them), but what really caught my attention was a complete collection of Deutsche Schachzeitung from 1900. Apart from being the first German chess magazine, it was at one time the oldest existing magazine in the world.


Written by Craig Ewing

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